Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Okay, I am to blame! After oh.....6mths., I've finally broke down and decided to update what's been going on in my world. I can't believe I've been so irresponsible and reluctant because it's been so many exciting things, from birthdays to new babies! Oh, and both of my sisters have just bought new homes. I will try to do better though ;) . So, check it out. You'll have to scroll down to older post and begin catching up; tried keeping things in order. I'm headed to the beach this coming weekend for an end of the summer trip. Hope we are able to catch some rays despite Fay!!!

We have VERY exciting news! On August the 13th, Brad's sister had two healthy twins.. Sophie and Jackson. After multiple attempts at fertility drugs and miscarriages, we can only give praise to God that he has blessed us with one boy and one girl after 38wks. both weighing over 6.5lbs.! This is the first grandchildren for Brad's family. It was so great to share such a special moment with his family, esp.knowing what they will bring to the meaning of "family". Brad is super excited about being an uncle and will sure make a great one. He's been holding out when caring for my boys so he could experience his first skills with the twins!

Walton, Walton, Walton!
I just can't believe how much I love him, I was so skeptical at first but it's just undescribable. He looks so much like Harrison did as a baby but with brown hair and eyes. To me, he favors our family where Harrison is identical to his father. He's finally able to hold his head up and laughing at us. It's at this age that I love them because they are completely needy but can interact. One thing that makes children and esp. the boys so amazing is the way it pulls our family together. I actually could spend every weekend doing family functions now!

The boys decided to come to the pool. This was Walton's first swim. He didn't cry, so that's a good sign. Check out his man boobs!!!!!!!!!... we decided they are acceptable until @ 1yr.!!! He's still handsome.

Harrison is now 2!!! I can't believe he's grown so fast, but that's what kids do! He is hitting the terrible 2s but he is so much fun now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

May is always my month! With my birthday and summer beginning... we hit the beach.

Brad and I visited Harrison on a windy day during the spring. We taught him to fly a kite. It was quiet cute, he chased me all around the yard as I ran as fast as I could just to keep it up. He asked for weeks after that... "Kite, Kite, Kite" every time I revisited. He is always so much fun and his FAVORITE things is airplanes. He always makes the sound effects.