Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Snapshots of me w/ friends and family- old and new.

More shots of Harrison! Isn't he cute w/ his big head!!! He's really growing into it!!!!!

I was lucky enough to get to spend some of my time off with my man! I lived the life of a 1yr. old for 2wks. He was just learning to walk. Every day we went outside so he could see the geese. There is always a clan of them b/c they live on the river.

Mother's day- we always have a barbeque at Grandmom's. We celebrate my brother and my birthday along with anyone who graduated. This year I was the big "graduate"!! Here's Harrison with Andy, my brother, who is 23 and Emily (the middle girl) who is 26.

Harrison's 1st Christmas- at 7mths. old. He was all into the wrapping; he kept us entertained and he got WAY more presents then you could imagine. This is my best friend-Amber- from home.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Harrison at a few mths. old- I don't remember exactly. If he's not my favorite then no one is and I guess you could guess... I'm his favorite Aunt!!!! He belongs to my oldest sister, Sarah, but he's going to take care of me one day!

This is Chase. This is who I spent time with after Nat. left me in Haleyville. We have had some fun memories!

Here's my best friend Natalie. I met her when I started working for a Chiropractor in Haleyville while I was going to nursing school. To have only known her for 2yrs. we are pretty inseperable. She moved to Jackson, TN though after meeting probably the greatest guy ever. I'm excited to say... they just got married. I love these two!

These are fun times tailgaiting at the AL games. You can usually find us at the colliseum where we motorhome. I love these times - such fun stories to tell the next day!!!

One of my best friends (Kristen) from Alabama got married last August. This is the AL girls at her wedding- we're giving the AL toast because she's a Georgia girl. This was definitely one of the most lavish weddings I've been to.
This is Laura. She's such a sweetheart.
Here's us before our first night out to A.J.s

It's Chase and me!