Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santa's Helpers came to the ER Christmas party!!! I was so glad that we could help Kam with his tree. It was hard work, but the tree looks good! It was so much fun dressing up and getting to be with
such great co-workers. Dirty Santa was trivial but fun. I have to say Brad is more than thrilled to have his mini shop vac.!!! I think we are all looking foward to hear some new songs on Miranda's new recorder. Tricia really is missing out!

Every Saturday this Fall, everyone comes to Brad's for what we like to call "Saturday Funday". It's all about hanging out with friends, making new friends, watching football, eating, and being merry!

Look- it's some of the ER group at Brad's! We had such a good time for the UA/AU game.

Me and Brad before a night out.
Can you believe this is my little brother??
Andy and Brad having a drink- hanging out.