Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On Saturday, we spent the day at Grand Central Station hanging out on the balcony with friends. Once the parade ended, we had hundreds of beads to throw. It was more fun than the ball. It really felt like Mardi Gras with all of people in the street.

Next was the ball. It was
lots of fun. Kinda like prom with alcohol served!

Brad's the Best!

We took a trip to Mobile this weekend to celebrate Mardi Gras. When we arrived, it was time for the parade. It was my first trip and I didn't know what all to expect. The floats were amazing. We just couldn't get enough beads and cups! I have to say it was quiet dangerous b/c just when you turned your head, you would get hit with something! Once the parade was over, we had some time before the ball started so we headed up to the Skyview Lounge at the top of the hotel where we could see the entire town.

This was Miranda's last night out on the town. Another fun time at Innisfree!